Ibtehaj Raheem Al-Shermani ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Chemistry
[email protected]
B.Sc. in chemical , College of Education for Girls University of Kufa,Iraq M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry , College of Education for Girls , University of Kufa,Iraq Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry , College of Sciences for Girls , University of Baghdad,Iraq Research Interest 1-Preparation of ligands, thiazole ,imidazol and predel azo compound 2-Solvent extraction and its applications. 3- Cloud- point extraction and applications. 4- Estimating contaminated and life elements environmentally. Publications -1Shawket.K.Jadwa , Ibtihaj.R.Ali, Zuhair.A , “A New Approach for Extraction and Determination of Manganese in Environmental Samples Using Cloud-Point Extraction Coupled with Spectrophotometry “Chemical Science Transactions, 2014, 3(1), 255-267 . -2 Ibtihaj.R.Ali,” Solvent extraction of Cu & Ag by use of 2-[(3-Methyl benzene azo]-4,5-diphenyl imidazole” , مجلة بابل للعلوم الصرفة والتطبيقية , 2010 -3Ibtihaj.R.Ali , “Cloud Point Extraction and Micro Amount Determination of Cadmium as Chloro Anion Complex in Real Samples by using Molecular Spectrophotometry “Journal of Kufa for Chemical Science No. (6), December 2012. -4Ibtihaj.R.Ali, “A New Spectrophotometric Determination of Chromium (VI) as Cr2O72- After Cloud-Point Extraction Using a Laboratory- Made Organic Reagent” Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Chemistry USA, Volume 13 Issue 8 Version 1.0 Year 2013 -5Shawket.K.Jadwa ,w Fatimah.A.Wannase, Jihan .R.Moslim, Ibtehaj.R.Ail, "Organic Solvent Effect , Thermodynamic Study and Synergism Behavior for Extraction Efficiency Of Cobalt (II) Complex With 1-[2-Pyridyl Azo]-2-Naphthol'' Global Journal of Science Frontier Research,(2016),USA.