ibrheem Eryan IBRHIM ( Lecturer )
Faculty of
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Year: 2009-2010‎ University of Dukuz Eylul - Faculty of Medicine Master of Community Health Specialization: Community Health Mark: Good ‎ Year: 2007-2008‎ University of Ghazi - Faculty of Arts - Center for the development and teaching of the ‎Turkish language Turkish language course Year: 2001-2006‎ University of Baghdad - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery MARK: GOOD Current Position ‎2011 February 09 - ‎So far Teaching. College of Veterinary Medicine. University of Kufa ‎ Language ‎• English: Good‎ ‎• Arabic: very good‎ ‎•Turkish: very good‎