Hussein Hassan Al-anzi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Archeaology - ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
Hussein H. Alanzi Teaching staff in the Faculty of Archaeology. The administrator Quality Division of Academic Accreditation and performance. I got a master's degree in ancient Indus civilizations of the Republic of India/ Osmania University, by Courses. PhD Degree from Wasit University. 1- Certificate of training in Archaeology from the University of Munich / Germany. 2- Certificate of participation in a workshop on leadership and people management from the University of Munich / Germany. 3-Certificate of appreciation from the University of Munich / Institute of Archaeology / for the presentation of research in English at the University. 4- I got PG Diploma Translation in Arabic - English from Arts Collage / Osmania University. 5-Participation in Conflict Resolution and peace Conference 3-4 February 2010 India / Delhi. Interesting research in Mesopotamia and Indus Valley Antiquate. Publishing. 1- Gupta Empire, Administrative and Political History. 2- Emergence stage of Indus Valley Civilization Cities. 3- Trade Relationships between Mesopotamia and Indus Valley Civilizations, in the couniform texts 3000 - 1500 B.C. 4- Indus Rivers (Indus and Saraswati) and their impact in create Indus Civilization.