Hussien Hussien AlHusseiney ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women -
[email protected] in math matic college of Education Salah Aldein. University Arbeal in method teaching College of Education Ibn AlHeathem Baghdad University. Iraq Ph.D in Towerd modern. Math college of Education Ibn AlHeathem Baghdad University. Iraq Research in terest 1- Math matical. 2- Toward modern math matics. 3- Mothed Teaching modern. Publications:- 1- The of training teacher – student on analyzing the mathematics questions and constructing them during the preparation of the examination questions and her pupils-Achievements. 2- Defining Difficulties Facing teaching geometry subjects for second in term ediate pupils in Baghdad schools. 3- Teaching methods of mathematics in najaf. 4- Achievement motivation attude toward mathematics. 5- The collection of the pupils of primary fifth class was started at the positions of minus a number in the mathematics.