hussein Djaaz alfaatlwy ( Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Geography
[email protected]
He holds a master's degree and doctorate from the University of Baghdad's College of Arts for the years 1995-2003, scientific researcher and teaching in geographic Girls College of Education Department of the University of Kufa since 1997 and yet, associate dean for administrative affairs, has worked for the period from 21/6/2006 to 24/1/2008 oversaw the four master theses and two doctoral studied and still studying for post masters and doctoral topics population Studies of the master and the problems of population and population policies Ph.D. since 1998 until now, I discussed 14 master message and 2 for a doctorate in Wasit universities, Qadisiyah, Basra, Kufa, published more than 27 search in various Iraqi magazines.