Husein Hadi Al-Nommani ( Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Mathematics
[email protected]
+964 ( 0 )0780125232
Prof. Husein Hadi Abbass He was born in Kufa, 1966. He got his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in mathematics from Faculty of Science/Salahuldeen University in Erbil in 1989. He was appointed as an assistant researcher in Faculty of Education for Females/Kufa University in 1992. He obtained master's degree in applied mathematics from the Technology University in Iraq in 1995. He was posted as the head of the Department of Mathematics/Faculty of Education for Women in the academic year 2000-2001. He supervised 25 master theses in mathematics. He has more than 50 researches published in local and international magazines in the fields of algebra, applied mathematics, image processing and genetic algorithms and (8) books in multi valued algebra. He was a member of discussion committee for more than 40 master theses in mathematics. He is an activist in spreading the application culture of mathematics, where he organized and participated in many workshops and specialized scientific symposiums in this field. He is a scientific expert in mathematics for many Iraqi universities and academic magazines. He was Dean's assistant for scientific affairs - Faculty of computer science and maths - university of Kufay