Dr. Hussien Abid Ali Mraity ( Professor )
Faculty of Science - Physics
[email protected]
B.Sc. in Medical Technology/Radiology Technology, Department of Radiology technology (2001) from College of Health and Medical Technology/Baghdad, Middle Technical University. M.Sc. in Medical Physics from College of Medicine, Branch of Physiology and Medical Physics, University of Al Mustansiriya (2005). Ph.D. in Medical Physics as Applied to Medical Imaging from University of Salford (United Kingdom/Manchester), School of Health Sciences, Department of Medical imaging and Radiography (2015). Working as a lecturer in the University of Kufa, Faculty of Science, and Department of physics from 2005 to recent. Research Interests: 1. Optimizing of radiation dose and image quality in diagnostic radiography/radiology using CR and DR. 2. Medical Image Quality assessment methods. 3. Quality Control/Assurance in diagnostic radiology. 4. Conducting theoretical and practical research in radiation protection fielded (health physics and diagnostic X-ray/Imaging). 5. Biological effects of radiation on human tissues/organs. 6. Developing and validating psychophysical systems to assess the image quality of diagnostic digital images. Teaching Interests: 1. Medical Physics. 2. Radiological physics. 3. Radiation physics. 4. Nuclear medicine. 5. Radiation dosimetery. 6. Biophysics. Awards: 1) Junior associate at the The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (2012). Publications: 1. H. Mraity; A. England; I. Akhtar; A. Aslam; R. De Lange; H. Momoniat; S. Nicoulaz ; A. Ribeiro; S. Mazhir; P. Hogg, "Development and validation of a psychometric scale for assessing PA chest image quality: A pilot study", Radiography, 20 (2014) 312-317 2. Hussien A A B Mraity; Andrew England; Simon Cassidy; Peter Eeachus; Alexander Dominguez and Peter Hogg, "Development and validation of a visual grading scale for assessing image quality of AP pelvis radiographic images", British Journal of Radiology, 2016; 89: 20150430. 3 . H. Mraity ; A. England; P. Hogg, "Developing and validating a psychometric scale for image quality assessment", Radiography, 20 (2014) 306-311. 4. H. Mraity, A. England, P. Hogg. Gonad dose in AP pelvis radiography: impact of anode heel orientation. Accepted for publication in Radiography journal- Sciencedirect(2016). 5. Sana K, H. Mraity, A. England, P. Hogg. Lateral hip x-ray imaging – which technique produces lowest gonad dose combined with acceptable visual image quality?. Accepted for UKRC as poster last at July, 2013, Liverpool, UK. 6. Hussien Abid Ali Mraity, "Estimation of surface dose (skin absorbed dose) for the patient undergoing standards radiologic examinations", Journal of Kerbala University, 6 (2008) 260-259 7. Hussien Abid Ali Mraity, "Calculation of skin absorbed dose for the staff and students from external gamma ray source in nuclear physics lab. 13 (2008) 116-125. 8. 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Kadhim, Hussien Abid Ali Mraity, Rua R. Munim. Radon levels in different types of drinking bottled water and carbonated drinks in Iraqi markets علوم - Water Science & Technology: Water Supply - 2017 Book Chapters 1. Observer studies in mammography; P Hogg, S Millington, D Manning, and H Mraity- Book chapter in ‘digital mammography : A holistic approach’; P Hogg, J Kelly, C Merver, (2015). 2. Visual image quality assessment methods; Hussien Abid Ali Mraity and Maily Alrowily- Book chapter in ‘Mult icultural team-based research in radiogra phy , a holistic educational approach. Groningen, the Netherlands Edited by: Peter Hogg, Chr istine Blakeley and Car st Buissink (2016). International workshop Participation: 1. College on Medical Physics - ICTP- 2010 Trieste-Italy 2. College on Medical Physics- ICTP- 2016 Trieset- Italy