Hussein Ghatheeth Alkellabi ( Professor )
Faculty of Agriculture -
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NAME: DR. Hussein, K.A.A. SURNAME: Al-Kellabi . SCIENTIFIC POSITION: professor . DATE OF BRTH: 1961 Najaf , Iraq . NATIONALITY : Iraqi . RELIGION: Moslem ADDRESS : Iraq . University of Kufa . THE POST : [email protected] THE POSITION : Teacher . EDUCATION: DEGREE YEARS ATTENDED COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY B.Sc. 1978-1982 Agriculture / Baghdad M.Sc. 1985-1987 Agriculture / Baghdad Ph.D. 1992-1996 Agriculture / Baghdad SPECIALIZATION MAJOR: Soil Science MINOR: Soil physics RESPONSIBILITIES: a: Lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate students b: supervision on higher studies ( M.Sc.& Ph.D. ) students c: administration responsibilities in university : 1- Vise - Head Department of Geography / Education coll . 2- Head of Department of Geography / Education coll. 3- Dean assistant of Agriculture college . 4- Manager of division of students housebitality. YEARS OF EMPLOYMENT : 23 SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP : a- Member of Iraqi soil society. b- Member of desertification detection committee . c- Member of environmental pollution detection committee . PUBLICATIONS : a- M.Sc Thesis entitled (( Evaluation the adding of urea fertilizers with furrow irrigation system and its influence on growth and grain production of " Zea mays L." )). b- Ph.D. Thesis entitled : (( Testing solid earth fence models to control sand dunes movement toward Third river - middle section )) . c- Book in press entitled (( Desertification in Iraq and Arab countries )) . d- Specialized papers . 1- Effect of plant residuals and tillage depth on growth and production of rice at alternated planting conditions in Najaf . 2- Effect of plant residuals and tillage depth on some growth variables at alternated planting conditions of rice and wheat at Najaf . 3- The missing amount of rice before and through harvesting process of Najaf Governorate. 4- Effect of tillage and seeding rates on growth and production of rice alternated with wheat in Najaf . 5- Effect of tillage depth and sowing on flowering and yield of rice in alternated cultivation in Najaf . 6- The distribution and accumulation of nitrogen resulted from addition of urea with irrigation water in the root zone of '' Zea mays L''. 7- The effect of urea applied in irrigation water on the growth of corn '' Zea mays L. ''. 8- Clay covering and its role in sand dunes fixation on the two sides of AL-Massad AL-Aam '' Medium Section '' . 9- Effect of plant residuals and methods of tillage on flowering growth properties at alternated plants conditions of rice and wheat at Najaf . 10- Effect of some properties of clay covering to the sand dunes by the weathering conditions in the AL-Massab AL-aam area '' Middle section '' . 11- The Effect of plant residuals and methods of tillage on growth and yield at alternated plants conditions of wheat in Najaf. 12- Isolation and identification of the Fusarium species in three soils types and their pathogenicity on radish seeds germination in laboratory . 13- Evaluating the efficiency of some biological and physical factors and the extract of Aloe vera plant in resisting Rhizoctonia solani fungus in causing rot and damping off of wheat seedling in loamand silty soils . 14- Evaluation the efficiency of different concentration of growth regulator salicylic acid in the inducting of resistance of Cucumis sativus L. plant against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and compared with fungicide (Bastin). 15- Geomorphology of the area beside the Al-Masab Alaam ( middle section ). 16- EFFECT OF SOME PROPERTIES OF CLAY COVERIHG TO THE SAND DUNES BY THE WEATHERING CONDITIONS IN THE AL-MASSAB AL-AAM AREA " MIDDLE SECTION " 17- Directional and vertical to the common Aeolian materials on the Al-masd Al-amm area '' middle Section" 18- The impact of the cultivation of vegetable wind breaks on some physical and chemical properties of the soils affected by desertification near the Al-masab Alaam ( middle section ). 19- PROTECTIVE SOLID FENCES AND ITS IMPACTS ON REDUCING EROSION AND STABILIZATION OF WIND SEDIMENTS IN SOME DESERT AREAS OF SOUTHERN IRAQ e- Other papers in preparation . f- Scientific articles published in local newspapers and magazines . SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCES : Society Membership Date Iraqi society of soil science member Committees to control of desertification Member Committees to control of environment pollution Member and accomplished in most conferences held by Iraqi congress of scientific research , university of Baghdad and university of Kufa . supervision on higher studies ( M.Sc.& Ph.D. ) students : Student name Address of thesis Scientific degree 1- Ali Yasser AL-essawi 2- Akeel Emad Mohammad 3- Saba Abd Al-Hadi Kadhim 4- Hawraa Razaqh Dhahir 5- Saad Maneaa Enad 6 - Ali khaled Alewi 7 -Mohamad Aoda Tben 8 – Amer Motlak Mashkur Effect of plant residuals and methods of tillage on growth and yield of alternated plants conditions of rice and wheat at Najaf. Separation and diagnosis " Fusarium spp '' in the three types texture of Najaf soils . Evaluation the efficiency of some of the biological physical and chemical factors in resistance to Rhizoctonia solani fungus that causes rotting seeds and the death of seedlings wheat in the sandy soil and the loamy soil. Evaluation of the Efficiency of some Plant Growth Regulators Pseudomonas fluorescens and pleurotus ostreatus in inducting the resistance of cucumber plant . Study of the consumptive use and separated soils and some of plant residues of pantheon Fungi Cucumis sativus . Evaluation of the mechanical methods used in the fixed of sediments and sand dunes in the Almasab Alaam area “ Middle section” Study the effect of some physical properties of soil on the activity of wind erosion and desertification of the Aktaa confined between Almuthana and thi Qar Governorates Study of the effect of zeolite in improving some physical and water properties of the soil of Najaf desert plateau in the growth and yield of cucumber plant Master Master Master Master Phd Master Master Master