Huda Ali Al-Khalidy ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Administration and Economics - Accounting
[email protected]
Certificates obtained: 1- Bachelor of Sharia and Islamic Sciences / Department of Arabic Language / Academic founder 1991-1990 / University of Mustansiriya 2 - Master in Sharia and Islamic Sciences / Sciences of the Holy Quran with a very good report on / Moscow on 3/4/2008 3- Doctor of Philosophy in Sharia and Islamic Sciences / Science of the Holy Quran with a very good grade on the thesis thesis: The truth of the Koran from the Quran on 19/5/2015 Professional occupations: 1- Library Manager 2 - Teaching the owners of the Department of Accounting / Faculty of Management and Economics / University of Kufa Materials taught: 1- Democracy: the second stage / accounting department 2- Human Rights: First Stage / Accounting Department 3 - Arabic language: All sections of the college 4- Social Psychology: Department of Tourism