Hawraa Mahdi alkufi ( Lecturer )
Presidency - Kufa Studies Center
[email protected]
First name(s): Hawraa Surname(s): mahdi abid al sahib yasiin al kufi Address(es): Al- ansar ,najaf, lraq E-mail: Hawraam.abdul [email protected] Nationality: Iraqi Date of birth : 4/1/1986 Gender: Fale Desired employment Occupational field Work experience: Universal lecturer Dates: 13/12/2011 Main activities and Responsibilities: Teaching in the university and writing the researches Name and address Of Employer: Kufa studies center , najaf Type of business or sector: in the ministry of higher education and scientific research Research interests: the Arabic language grammar Morphology human right critsem linguisigsl eloguence Title of qualification Awarded: M.A Dates: 2010 principal subjects occupational skills covered: Approbation in language Name and type of organisation providing education and training: Kufi university. College of education for girls .Iraq Computer skills and competences: competent with most Microsoft office programmes and with HTML. The Researches: 1. Number of states in the creation and states Verdicts. 2.Denoter reverse in the texts of nahj al-Kassar example of words. 3.Linguistic effort in najaf atheist and the twentieth centary scientists modl. 4.Semon Fatima peace be upon her thougth and stylistic chara cteristics. 5.the verb in arbic contemporary. 6.Doctrine and its impact in the maitham al-tamar behavior may God bless him. 7.Miracles in the Quranic verses rosaries study of the linguistic and rhetorical. 8.Orbital factors in the era of Imam Ali, peace be upon him the owner of the Ashtar may God bless him. 9.Linguistic methods in Ash- sham. 10.contemporary linguistics and its impact on the evolution of the Arabic Language. 11.Inference interviews Imams peace be upon the minthe Arabic languge rules. troduction to phonology.