Hind Sabah Bilal ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Education - English Language
[email protected]
• Education - In 2009, I got BA Degree in English Language and Literature from Babylon University, Iraq. In 2012, I obtained MA in English Literature from Qadisiya University, Iraq. • Work Experience: - 2012-2015, I worked as adjunct lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Basic Education, Faculty of Arts, and Faculty of Languages. - On the 10th of March 2015, I was employed at the University of Kufa, and since then I have been working as a lecturer beside being a co-ordinator of the English Department, in the Faculty of Languages/ University of Kufa. • Lectured on the following training courses: - Developing English Language Listening and Conversation, February 2014. - Developing English Language Listening and Conversation, August 2014. - IELTS Preparation Course, 28 Oct-4 Dec 2014. • Publications: - "The Dramatization of History in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar", (2012), Journal of Al-Qadisiya University. Vol 15.No 2: 25-51 .