hayder sabeeh alebrahemee ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Nursing
[email protected]
personal information : ***************** Name of Haidar Subeeh Hadi Brahimi. Place and date of birth: Najaf 22/3/1981 E-mail : ***************** [email protected], hayders.jabar @ uokufa, Mobile number: 07801550317 Academic title: Assistant Lecturer Certificate: Master General Specialization: Information Technology Specialization: The basics of computer science and information technology Academic Certificates: **************** Bachelor's degree in the field of software engineering _ College of Rafidain University for the academic year 2003-2004 and the estimate of 72 and the first quarter in the first round Title of research graduate to study the bachelor's degree "Building the Faculty of Rafidain University using the program" 3D home design. " Obtain a Master's degree in the competence of information technology from the State of Russian Federation _ South Ural University for the 2015-2016 academic year and with a distinction of excellence and in the third order on the payment  Title of Master's thesis "Development of a computer-aided document management system for educational process at Kufa University". Job Information: ***************** Date of appointment at the University of Kufa: 23 \ 7 \ 2008 Administrative work: Electronic follow-up officer in the Department of Graduate Studies in the Presidency of the University. Courses: *********      Obtaining a 3D Max certificate from the University of Kufa.      Obtaining a certificate of "Communication Skills and Art of Dealing with Others" from Jordan Windows Company for Technical and Administrative Consultancy.      Obtain the certificate of "Documentation and electronic archiving skills, mechanization and archiving"   Of the Jordanian windows company for technical and administrative consultancy.