hayder noori al-shukri ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Pharmacy - General Pharmacy ( Head of Division )
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(Curriculum Vitae) Personal Information Name: Haider Nori Raheem Surname : AL Shukri Gender: Male Date and place of Birth: 8-3-1986 –IRAQ Alnajaf AL-Ashraf Nationality: Iraqi Marital Status: Married, Children: 2 Address: Iraq, Najaf – Alamir Quarter, Postal code: 54001 Passport No. : A1526154 E- mail: [email protected],iq Tel: +964(0)7801330885 Language Experience • Arabic (tongue language) • English (Toefl ITP score : 500) Certificates • BSc: Kufa university-Faculty of science (2008), average: (71.113), in the first attempt among 56 student. • MSc: Kufa university-Faculty of girl education (2014), average: (84.667), the rank, 2, in the first attempt among 16 student. Work Experience Name and address of position: • Assistant Lecturer in the College of Pharmacy, University of Kufa • A research associate, teaching a courses of computational chemistry in university of Kufa, faculty of education for girls, Najaf, IRAQ. Courses Attended • IC3 Course. • English Course. • I have 38 experience and training courses in chemistry Msc. Thesis Topic “flow injection technique couples with uv-vis spectrophotometr to study the complexetivity of copper (II) and mercury (II) using the new Organic reagent and flow injaction technique 2-(4- bromo-2,6-dimethyl phenyl ) azo 4,5-diphenyl -1- imidazol) Publications I. New spectrophotometric determination of copper (II) using an organic reagent derived from imidazole and 4-aminoantypyrine and applied onto different samples II. DFT Study of Benzannulated Lutidinebisstannylene-tin(II) Monoxide Molecule. III. Use of spectrophotometric method and flow injection techniques for determination copper (II) by 2-(4-bromo 2,6-dimethyl phenyl) azo 4,5-diphenyl-1-imidazol) IV. determination of mercury(II) by spectrophotometric and flow injection techniques using new reagent 2-(4-bromo 2,6-dimethyl phenyl) azo 4,5-diphenyl-1-imidazol) Awards • I was get an award by Governor of Najaf city, as I was a special student. • Acknowledgements number12 from the Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy of kufa university. • Acknowledgements number5 from the vice president for university of kufa • Acknowledgements number2 from the acting president for university of kufa • Acknowledgements number2 from the Minister of Higher Education Hobbies Sport, searching about new topics related with Chemistry and reading short stories.