Hayder Kamil Admawi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Physical Planning - ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
07818397339 Environmental Engineering (Technology University, Baghdad-Iraq 1999). Building and Construction Engineering(University of Technology,Baghdad-Iraq 1996).  From January 2002 till 2011: A Member of teaching assembly of the Supreme Professional Center for trainer's qualification in city of Musrata –Libya . From September 2006 till 2011: Faculty member at University of October 7th , civil engineering branch in city of Musrata –Libya .  From September 2006 till 2010: Faculty member at the higher institute occupations overall. Member of the Iraqi engineering union (Membership number , 79233)1996. Member of the Association of Libya's lecturers since 2002. From December 2011 till now: A Member of teaching assembly of the Physical Planning College (Kufa University, Njaf-Iraq). Manager of Quality Division in the Faculty of Physical Planning since 1/4/2012 till now. Manager of the computer lab at the Faculty of Pysical Planning since 15/1/2018 till now. Oversight of several engineering projects: 1) Designing water systems feeding multi-stores buildings. 2) Designing and analysis the water systems feeding the cities. 3) Designing wastewater system separate. 4) Designing wastewater system compound. 5) Designing the drainage network to multi- stores buildings. 6) Designing gas systems feeding the cities. Teaching Interests: 1. Sanitary Engineering. 2. Engineering Environment. 3. Engineering Structures Health. 4. Desalination of Sea Water (Salt Water). 5. Fluids. 6. Advanced Engineering Programs by Using a Computer. 7. Fundamental Computer Programs. 8. Application Programs for Planners. 9. Infrastructure planning. 10. Environmental Project.