hayder Hadi ALasadi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Basic Education - Arabic Language
[email protected]
Full name: Haidar Hadi Salman Shaheen Alassadi Degrees : - Bachelor's degree in Arabic from the Faculty of Arts - University of Mustansiriya - Master's degree in Arabic from the College of Education for Girls - University of Kufa, 2012 Academic Title: Assistant Lecturer Direct job history for the first time (19/07/2003) -brat Scientific: to participate in many of the regional and local scientific conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops. -alahtmamat Research areas: follow-up modern versions in the field of modern literature and writing own research in the field of investigation any investigation manuscripts and prints bureaucracy after collection and achieve them. -ketb Author: Diwan Agarrid and hints (the collection of inquiry) was printed and published poet Hamid Faraj Allah Hilfi. * Conferences, seminars, workshops and seminars: to contribute to the establishment of several international conferences, symposia, workshops, seminars and national scientific and cultural festivals and the University of Kufa. Participation in the conference College of Education for Girls -ksm Arabic language for the year 2015-2016. Participating with a paper at a conference of Faculty of Education -abn Rushd / Baghdad University for the academic year 2016-2017.