Hayder Hatif Alshaibani ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Engineering -
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00964 (0) 7803373460
CERTIFICATES  Bachelor degree from the university of Al-Kufa / Faculty of Engineering / Civil Engineering Department in 2003.  Master (M.Sc.) degree from the university of Babylon in Civil Engineering with a spatiality in Water Resources Engineering in 2008. The tittle of my thesis is "Stability of Concrete Gravity Dams with an Intermediate Filter".  PhD degree from the university of Cardiff in the United Kingdom, in the field of Water Resources and Groundwater Engineering from the Hydro-environmental Research Centre in 2018. The tittle of my thesis is "Study of Water Resources by using 3D Groundwater Modelling in Al-Najaf City, Iraq".  Diploma from Cardiff university in Service Professional Development Skills, which involves 15 Units in: Communication, Leadership, and Personal Effectiveness. WORK EXPERIENCE  From 2006 to 2009:  I've worked for four years in the Ministry of Education-designation department for designing school buildings' projects in addition to supervise many schools' projects in the province of Al-Najaf, Iraq.  Member of the Iraqi Housing Ministry committee for supervising and receipting of those completed school buildings' projects in Al-Najaf City.  Supervising the school buildings projects implemented by Al-Faw and Al-Rashid companies, which are companies of the central government in Iraq.  From 2009 to 2013: Lecturer in the University of Al-Kufa in Iraq in the Department of Structures and Water Resources Engineering as I have taught for many subjects, including:  Engineering statistics: It talks about how to analyze the data and make sure about its credibility and reliability. Since I have an excellent experience using the SPSS software.  Groundwater: It deals with, how groundwater can be used in our daily lives as an alternative source or as an auxiliary source for the surface water source.  Engineering Hydraulics: It deals with the flow through pipes, centrifugal pumps, open channel flow, and dimensional analysis and hydraulic similitudes.  From 2013 to 2018:  Got the PhD degree from Cardiff university.  I've worked in the university of Cardiff as a lecturer for the M.Sc. students teaching them how they can use Visual MODFLOW software professionally.  I've worked in the university of Cardiff as a demonstrator in the LAB for different modules.  I've worked in the university of Cardiff as an invigilator for different modules and as a script checker for the examination booklets. SKILLS EXPERIENCE  Expert in using Visual MODFLOW software, Visual MODFLOW Flex software, and GMS "Groundwater Modelling System" software, which are used for modelling and analyzing groundwater and dams' structures.  I have a huge knowledge about the designing and analyzing dams structures such as concrete dams, earth dams, and barrages. In addition, I have an excellent knowledge about the designing and analyzing of the various hydraulic structures such as weirs, conducts, tanks, Inlets and Outlets, and many more.  I have an excellent experience in using the GIS "Geographical Information System" program for either modelling groundwater flow or analyzing those raw data or to store, retrieve, manage, display, and analyze all types of geographic and spatial data.  Expert in analyzing the aerial downloaded satellite images like "DEM" "Digital Elevation Model", which has many information such as terrain elevations, contour lines, and many more that can be obtained through processing of those images. Also, Iam expert in analyzing the Thematic Mapper (TM) images to get the land vegetation cover.  I have an excellent experience in Tecplot and Surfer software.  I have an excellent experience in Global Mapper and ARCSWAT software.  I have an excellent experience in Office packages "Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access".  Good experience in MATLAB software.  Competent at using AutoCad and Sketch Up. PUBLICATIONS  Kareem, H. H. and Pan, S. 2016. Modelling of groundwater resources for Al-Najaf City, Iraq presented at ICWES 2016: 18th International Conference on Water and Environmental Sciences, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 11-12 February 2016. urn:dai:10.1999/1307-6892/10003691.  Kareem, H. H. and Pan, S. 2018. Impact of interface soil layer on groundwater aquifer behaviour presented at ICGMTA 2018: 20th International Conference on Groundwater Monitoring Technologies and Applications, London, United Kingdom, 15-16 February 2018. urn:dai:10.1999/1307-6892/10008558. LANGUAGES  Arabic (Native language).  English (Fluent) as I got (6) in IELTS exam from the United Kingdom. CURRENT Lecturer in the university of Al-Kufa in Iraq - Structures and Water Resources Department.