hayder lafth malallah ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - History
[email protected]
• Holds a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts / 1993-1994. • Holds a master's degree in Islamic history from the University of Kufa College of Arts / 2005. • Holds a doctorate in Islamic history from Basra University College of Arts / 2012. • Received the title of assistant professor from the University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts, on 21/4/2015. • Exact jurisdiction: Umayyad history. • Worked as a teacher of the biography of the Prophet in the Department of the Koran and the Hadith in the Faculty of Fiqh / University of Kufa at the beginning of my appointment in 2006. • Member of the Faculty of History Department, Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa since 2007 until the present. • I worked in several committees in the section, especially the examination committee and the committee of absenteeism and cultural committee and commissions of inquiry as well as my work as a teacher. • I have evaluated many scientific research in my field. Research Interests: 1. Achieving the Islamic heritage, especially the realization of texts that have not reached the hands of researchers. 2. The quest to prepare researches and works concerned with highlighting the history of Al-Bayt (p) and the Fatimid and Umayyad dates. 3. Participate in academic conferences and symposia that are interested in promoting the scientific movement in the country. Teaching Interests: 1. Teaching the history of the Arabs before Islam and the history of early Abbasid history and late history department of the Faculty of Arts and History of the Umayyad in the Department of Arabic language in the past. 2. Lectures on the subject of Islamic Economics to graduate students / Masters since 2016 till the present, as well as lectures on the subject of foreign relations of Arabs before Islam to doctoral students in this year (2018). 3. Taking care of self-development through the study of modern research and literature that deals with the issues of Islamic history, especially the Jahili, Umayyad and Fatimid, as well as the continuous reading of ancient sources. 4. Exchange ideas and opinions with professors with expertise on the issues of Islamic history and benefit from their proposals in this field. Published: 1. The joy of the Anas in the establishment of the Sacred House of God / manuscript I have achieved with d. Ammar Nassar / printed in Tehran. 2. Free Reality - Historical Study / Journal of the Center of Kufa Studies. 3. The efforts of al-Mu'izz al-Din al-Fatimi, political and military, 341- 365 AH, Journal of Islamic College, University. 4. Ashura Day at the Fatimids - Historical Study / Conference of Human Sciences, Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa, 2008. 5. Fatima Al-Zahraa - An Analytical Study / Research Presented in the Proceedings of the International Conference on the Islamic Unity / Iraq, Najaf, 2012. 6. Celebrating the fulfillment of the Nile in Egypt in the Fatimid era / Research conducted during the conference of the Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa / 2013. 7. A letter in the number of directors of the war of Hussein () of Mr. Hasan al-Sadr (1354 AH) - study and investigation - research published in the Journal of the Center for Studies Kufa / 2014. 8. Defamation in the Fatimid Period (358-427 AH / 968-1035M) - A Historical Study - A joint research published in the Journal of the Faculty of Education for Girls of Humanities, No. 15, 2014. 9. Revolutions of the people of the Hove in Egypt (167- 216 H / 783-831M) accepted for publication in the Journal of the College of Islamic University, No. 989 p, on 7/2/2015. 10. Industry in the city of Tennis (230 - 588 AH / 845-1192M) - A historical study -, acceptable for publication in the Journal of Letters Kufa, No. 1194 on 5/2/2015. 11. The family in the words and deeds of Imam al-Sajjad / Historical study / joint research published in the Journal of College of jurisprudence / 2018. 12. The symbolism in the words of Imam Hussein since the announcement of the bull and even his martyrdom (historical study) book under publication. 13. . The Struggle of Imam Husayn's Determination On Reform in Medina and Makkah (Historical Study) / Joint Research in Progress.