Hayder Talib Al-Khazaali ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Engineering - Civil
[email protected]
BSc., University of Technology / Iraq, 1988, Civil Eng. MSc., University of Technology / Iraq, 1993, Civil Eng./Structures PhD., University of Technology / Iraq, 1999, Civil Eng./Structures A member of Civil Eng. Dept. /Faculty of Eng./ University of Kufa (1994 -until now). Head of the Consultant Engineering Bureau / University of Kufa (1998 – 2000). Scientific Assistant for the dean of the Eng. Faculty / University of Kufa (2002-2003). Dean of the Engineering Faculty / University of Kufa (2003-2007). Teaching Interests: 1. Strength of Materials. 2. Computer Programming. 3. Advanced Structural Analysis. 4. Advanced Plastic Analysis . 5. Advanced Concrete Design Areas of Expertise and Research interests: 1. Structural design for a waste-water treatment structures. 2. Ferrocement material for low cost applications. 3. R.C. bridge design. 4. Elastic-plastic large displacements stability analysis of steel frames with non-prismatic members. 5. Repairing and strengthening for R.C. buildings.