Hawraa Abdulameer Al-Dahhan ( Professor )
Faculty of Science -
[email protected]
Bachelor in biology/ 1997 / University of Kufa / college ofcience . M.Sc. in Microbiolog-medical bacteriology/ 2001 / niversity of Kufa / college of science/ Microbial Immunity/ 2007/ Al-MustansiriyaUneversity /College of Science. Professor in bacterial immunity from 2015. Member of the Promotion Committee at the Faculty of Science,Kufa university(2012-2017 ). Prof. of Biology, teaching the following courses: Microbiology ,Microbilogy Dept. college of medicine ,Kufa university. Iraq. 2001-2002.Lecturer in immunity, virology, general microbiology, Bacteriology, water & soil microbiology, Biology Dept., college of science, Kufa Uneversity, Iraq. 2001-2007.Lecturer in Microbilogy immunity , infectious disease , virology ,pathogenic bacteria in Lab. Investigation Dept.Faculty of Science, Kufa Uneversit, Iraq.2007-2018. Sub-director for postgraduate studies and Senior lecturer in Antibiotic , Bacteriology, immunity,and Diagnosis of medical bacteriology, in biology department,faculity of science,kufa univ.(2012-2015).Superfissor for many master and Ph.D. thesis . Research Interests:Study the immune response of human body to some bacteria and viruses disease ,biotechnology , Antibiotics , Virology, study the phenotypic and genotypic variation of some bacteria isolated from some infection , interested to study the effect of some plant extract on medical bacteria and the immune responses of human body to these extract.