Hawraa Hasan Alateya ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Engineering - Civil
[email protected]
(Curriculum (CV Full Name: hawraa hasan mousa kadhim alateya Gender: Female Academic achievement: Master of Science in civil engineering Specialization: Civil engineering /Geotechnic Scientific level: Lecturer E- mail: [email protected] [email protected] Education Level: 1- Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering / University of Babylon 1993 2- Master degree in civil engineering / Mustansiriya University Subject which she taught and the year: 1- Engineering Geology 2-Student projects for graduation 3- Surveying Lab Published scientific researches: 1- Effect of adding ceramic on the collapsibility of gypseous soil 2- Influence of the use of additives on the properties of compacted gypseous soils 3- Treatment of Collapsibility of Gypseous Soils by Dynamic Compaction 4- Effect of Location of Cavities on Stability Analysis of Slopes 5- Numerical investigation into the effect of cavity size and location on stability of earth dams