hashim abd munaf zwian ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Jurisprudency -
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Full name: Hashim Abd Manaf Hussain Yassin Zwain                   Researcher in Islamic Economics Born in Kufa / 1967 Previous teaching at the Faculty of Law Former teacher of the Faculty of Humanities in Najaf. Degrees : • Master of Economics • Bachelor of Economic Sciences / Mustansiriya University, 1992 • Bachelor of Arabic Language / University of Kufa, 1999. Research and achievements Research: Islamic Public Certificates A statement of the nature, types and differentiation of riba-based securities, 2008. Islamic Central Bank and the possibility of its establishment, a joint research with Dr. Reza Abu Mohammed, April, 2008. The interest of banking in Imam al - Sadr and the abnormal views of some of the late in the foreclosure, 2008. Najaf al-Ashraf and Kufa The originality of Islamic thought and cultural depth. 2010. Financial policy when the Emir of the believers Imam Ali bin Abi Talib ' And a number of researches in Islamic thought, Islamic economics, public finance, literature, and others. Achievements : • Presented his message: Central Islamic Bank / Concept and Application Platform, which is an intellectual attempt to conceptualize the foundations of the Central Banking Islamic, which is built in harmony with the provisions of Islamic Sharia glue, while ensuring their success, effectiveness and efficiency. • Has a number of publications in print, including: 1. Islamic banking theory, the book is located in about two hundred and fifty pages of large pieces. 2. Riba / Islamic economic study, and the book is located in about one hundred and thirty pages of large pieces. 3. The brief in public finance, with special reference to the financial system of Islam training courses : • Course of teaching methods and the establishment of the Center for the development of teaching and university training at the University of Kufa (15/12/2008 18/1/2009) • A training course for computer education for postgraduate students and scientific promotions, electronic computing center at the University of Babylon on 19/5/2009. • The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) course held at the Computer Center at Kufa University on 1/8/2010 Lectures Studied in the Department of Law the following articles: • Principles of economics for law students • Public finance and tax legislation  Studied in the Political Science Department the following subjects: • Principles of economics for students of political science • International economic relations Studied in the financial and banking section of the following subjects: • Partial economic theory • Arabic language for non-specialized sections Studied outside the university the following subjects: • Salami thought • Islamic history • Arabic • Jurisprudence Conferences • Conference of Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture and treasure of knowledge and science University of Kufa (March 2009, spring 1430) • The Third Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Administration and Economics / Karbala University 2728/4/2008 Conference on Reconstruction and Achievement of Sustainable Development. • The First Scientific Conference of the Center for the Studies of Kufa and the Islamic Foundation for Islamic Knowledge (29-30 May 2008 / 23-24 Jumada I 1429 AH): Prospects for cooperation between the estate and the University of Ruaa Walayat. • The second annual scientific conference: the theory of Mr. Mohammed Baqalalasr in the neighborhoods and renaissance of civilization, held by the National Forum of Thought and Culture in Najaf, the hall of the University of Kufa 8 April 10, 2008. • Conference of the Faculty of Management and Economics, University of Mustansiriya, reading in the federal budget of Iraq for the year 2013