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HASAN KAREEM MAJID, ARUBAEE Faculty of Jurisprudence, Kufa University Chancellor Office, University House, University of Kufa,Kufa city, Najaf Governorate, Iraq UK Address: 4 Rayners Close, Colnbrook, Slough SL3 0LH Phone: +96 7809627790; email: [email protected] My interest ________________________________________ • Hadith and its Studies. • The Biography of the Prophet. • Islamic regimes. • The Orientalism. Education Institute of Arab History and scientific heritage/ Baghdad /Iraq (2008-2012) PhD in Islamic History titled: “The approached foundations in criticism of narrators' principles till the end of the fifth century of Hijra”. (2002-2004)MScin History and Civilization from Arabic Historical & Scientific Heritage Institute. The thesis titled: “Ibraheem Bin Muhammed Al-thaqafee Al-Kufee”. Faculty of Arts/University of Kufa /IRAQ (1996-2000)B.Sc. history from historic department /Faculty of Arts/Kufa University with honour of the first degree. Employment history (2012 - Present)AssistanceProfessor, Academic staff and member of scientific council in the Al-Aqidahand Islamic thoughtDepartment - Faculty of Jurisprudence / Kufa University. Working with a large University teaching students wishing to achieve a degree in their chosen field. Teaching Experience (2015 – Present)Orientalism for undergraduate students. (2015 – Present)Sociology of Religionfor undergraduate students. (2009 – Present)Prophetic biography and Islamic Systemsfor undergraduate students. Awards The Minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research has honoured me Award for Scientific Research for scientific achievements. (20----) data please? Duties and Activities (2015 to 2016) Secretary of the Faculty of Jurisprudence, Kufa University, Iraq. (2012 – Present)Supervisor of number of finial year dissertations and postgraduate students in Faculty of Jurisprudence, Kufa University /Iraq. Professional Affiliation (2006) Founding member of the Centre for Contemporary Islamic Thought / Al-Najaf city / Iraq. (2009)Founding member of Altufilifounder of Culture and Science and the Arts Al-Najaf city / Iraq Training and development Attendance for two Teacher Training Course in Kufa University. Publications Books 1- The Qur'an and its history. 2- Hadith and its sciences. 3- The Biography of the Prophet and of Imams peace be upon them. 4- Islamic regimes. 5- Principles of Jurisprudence Islamic Jurisprudence and Contemporary Islamic Thought. Conference papers 1- Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Kashif Al-Ghitaa curriculum in his book TahreerAlMajalah, Journal of Modern Muslim, 37, Vol 148, April-May 2013. Link for paper: 2- Differing culture and the possibility of merger, Islamist idea, 1 ECRC International Scientific Conference, University of London – London, Safar/1437, 2015. Journal papers 1- Abdul Aziz bin YahyaAljeloda his biography and historical contributions/1431هـ. Tales of Okba Ben Sam'an& Al-Dhahak Al-Mushruqi about Al-Taff battle in the history of Al-Tabari/ Turathuna magazine/ Iran/ 101/ 1431 AH. 2- The intellectual and scientific effects of Imam Sadiq's SchoolImam Ja'far bin Mohammed Sadiq (peace be upon him) and the state changing/ study in historical consciousnes / combined study/ 2011. 3- Historical Thought of the faithful (peace be upon him) in Nahj Al-Balagha (Eloquence Approach)/ study in the dimensions of history/ combined study/ 2011. 4- Humanitarianism at the thought of Imam Ali (PBUH)/ 2012. 5- The application of Financial and administrative policy for the faithful Ali (peace be upon him) in the light of Islamic state/ 1429 AH 6- Christ and the gospels of the scholar, Mohammad Jawad Al-Balaghi/ study and achieve 1433 AH. 7- Imam Musa bin Ja'far (peace be upon him) and his social role/ anthropological study/ 1433AH. 8- Speculative theory in Islamic jurisprudence. 9- A Historical knowledge, an introduction of discretion. 10- Hajj and Umrah legislation in Islam/ 1432. 11- Islamic methods to reduce misinterpretation/ 1430AH. 12- Caliphate by text or by election for Mr. hebat Al-Deen Al-Shahrestanee/ study and investigation/ 2010 13- Ibn Hisham approach in the courtesy of the Prophet's biography/ 2012. 14- Ideology and knowledge at the thought of Sheikh Waeli in his research (the nonobjective explanation of the Qor'an)/ 2010. 15- The elimination thought at Abd Al-Majeed Al-Sharqie/ modernization of the Islamic thought/ 1432. 16- Philosophy of money in the Islamic theory 17- Approach of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Kashiff Al- Gheta' in his book, the magazine's editing/2012. 18- Violence and security/ study in making the global peace. 19- Developing of the Jurisprudential studies at the first martyr Muhammed bin Makki Al-Ameli (786 AH) in his book (rules and benefits in the jurisprudence and Arabic principles). 20- The approach of Iben Al-betreeq Al-Asadee Al-Hillee (600AH) in his book (Omdatoyonsahah Al-akhbar at ManaqibImmam Al-abrarr). 21- Legislative vacuum theory at Al-Said Al-Shaheed (the martyr) Muhammed Baqer Al-Sader, its historical roots, realms, and legitimacy obstacles. 22- Religious; Sociologyclasses and their impact in the Hadith / Hadith sciences magazine / Iran / number 23