Hassan Ali Al-Asadey ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Political Sciences - Political Science ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
Educational Background  Ba: Political Science /department of political svience university Islamic college /Najaf-Iraq 2008  Msc: Political Science “strategic studies”/College of Law, Government and International Studies/ University Utara Malaysia/Kedah-Malaysia 2011 Employment  Faculty of archeology /University of Kufa 2012-2013  Faculty of Political Science /University of Kufa 2013-Cont. Position held  Coordinator of Department of Islamic Heritage 2012  Head of Studies , Planning and Follow Unit faculty of political Science 2013  Head of Student Affairs and Registration Unite Faculty of Political Science 2014  Head of Research and Development Unit 2016-cont. Course taught  Principle of Political Science in English  International Organizations in English  Contemporary Political Systems in English  International Politics in English Seminars and workshop  US position toward war against ISIL /Faculty of Political Science 2016  Public monitoring on Parliament members2015  Social cohesion and failed state 2014  Attending workshop about democratization organized by UNESO chair in university of Kufa . Language Know  English: