Haneen Kareem Al-Janabi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics - Mathematics
[email protected]
I hold a Bachelor's degree in Science of Mathematics from the Faculty of Science University of KUFA (July 2006) and I hold a master's degree in Mathematics Science Graph Theory from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences University of Kufa (December 2012) and holds a degree in teaching methods, ICDL and IC3. Research interests: -Studies the Characteristic of Chromaticity and get some graphs Chromatically Unique and Chromatically equivalent. -Study the applications in the graph of chemical science. -Study the applications in the graph of Topology. -Study the applications in the graph of Internet networks -Creating and modifying a specialized computer source codes such as and Math LAB, MAPLE and LATEX. Teaching interests: -Graph Theory. -Calculus -Real Analysis -Topology of Real Analysis. -Mathematical Analysis (2) -Linear Algebra. Completed Researches: 1-Hamiltonicity of Line Graph. 2-Chromaticity of Line Graph. 3-Computing of the harmonic index for Alkanes, alkenes and alkynes. 4.Schultz index, Modified Schultz index, Schultz polynomial and Modified Schultz polynomial of alkanes 5.Computing the Harmonic Index for Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes‎ 6.On harmonic index some special graphs with certain vertex gluing graphs