Hanaa khazal Alkhaqany ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Science - Chemistry
[email protected]
University of kufa Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry Name : Hanaa Khazaal Abdulghareeb Taha Alkhaqani Date and location of Birth: Najaf: 3-6-1974 Gender: Female Nationality: Iraqi Marital status: Married Hiring address: Lecture Email: [email protected] Diplomas: Bachelor's degree in chemistry from department of chemistry/ faculty of education for girls/ university of kufa on 1995 from 1st period and the 7th on the class. Master in chemistry from department of chemistry/ faculty of science/ university of kufa on 2014 and she got (very good) appreciation, she completed her study in the minimal duration. Her thesis was accepted with (excellent) appreciation. Date of hiring: 5/10/2003 Teaching experience: 12 years , in addition to 7 years as lecturer . Research interests: research in analytical chemistry and reading. Training Courses: Course in Ms-Windows program Gas chromatography Chemical treatment for water Occupational safety to the workers in laboratories Chemical office program Subjects that she teaching them : 1- Practical organic chemistry for 2nd class 1997-1998 2- Practical inorganic chemistry for 3rd class 1999-2008 3-Practical inorganic chemistry for 2nd class 2009-2012 Committees that she worked in them: More than seven Committees she worked in them.