Hanaa Abbas Kashkool ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - Arabic Language
[email protected]
The scientific biography Name: Dr. Hanaa Abbas Elaiwi Kashkoul Specialization: Ancient literature and its criticism General Specialization: Arabic language and its literature Certificates: Got the bachelor certificate in 1989 from University of Mustansiria- college of Arts- Arabic language department Got the M.A. degree in 2002 from University of Kufa- college of Arts- Arabic Language department Got the Ph.D. degree in 2008 from University of Kufa- college of arts The published books: Abi-Talib Poetry -a literary study- Poetry of Al-Ra’ee Al-Nameeri -Technical study- (still in printing) Researches: - The portrait of woman in the poetry of Al-Ra’ee Al-Nameeri - The Arab habits and traditions in the poetry of Al-Ra’ee Al-Nameeri - The critical perspective in the sayings of narrating linguists - Tattoo in the pre-Islamic poetry -a study in the light of social reality- - the semantic dimensions for the stem ‘wasama’ in the pre-Islamic poetry - Climate proverbs in the proverbs collection -a study in the means of expressive image- - Prophet praise in the poetry of Hassan Bin Thabit The scientific achievements: Supervised graduation researches for twenty-three research; and as being a scientific and linguistic expert, she corrected thirty-five volumes of theses, dissertations, and researches. She studied the pre-Islamic literature for three years, the Arabic rhetoric for other three years, the analysis of Quranic text for three years also, and now she is studying research methodology and investigation and working on a project of completing a book in this regard. The scientific participations: She took part in several conferences, symposium, and set up workshops.