HAJIR DWAYYIR AL-BEHADILI ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education -
[email protected]
Researcher participated in numerous conferences and seminars and published several research journals, It has the printed book entitled aware of contemporary speech in light of recent changes by the House of Wisdom in 2011, a master's thesis. The title of the thesis and the date of certification: knowledge of contemporary speech in the changing light of recent data. 21/05/2007 from Kufa University / College of Fiqh Doctoral thesis and the date of certification Address: foundations interpretive speech in modern political Islam 0.8 / 11/2010 from Kufa University / College of Fiqh Unpublished research: T. Find Place of publication Name Date of publishing a solo or joint 1. religious intellectuals between essence and contemporary readings journal Philosophical Studies Department, the House of Wisdom solo 10/06/1013 2 interpretation of the law of al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd Journal of the College of Basic / Mustansiriya University Education 09/16/2013 solo 3 the movement of history theory of multiple subtraction, the unit secured in Islamic Thought Talk magazine, Professor College of Education, Ibn Rushd 23/12/2014 solo 4 Find verbal when fundamentalists between inference and digressions, search Mr. Khoei "sanctified"     Model / professor / Journal of the Faculty of Education, Ibn Rushd 18/05/2016.