HAIDER TUMA KAAB ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - General Veterinary
[email protected]
I hold a bachelordegree in Veterinary Medicine obtained in 1998 and a master’s degree in Pathology and Poultry Diseases in 2002 from the University of Baghdad. I then worked as a lecturer of Animal Science at the Agriculture Faculty-Kufa University. 2008- 2012, I worked as a head department of the Public Health, at the Veterinary Faculty. As a lecturer at the University of Kufa, I delivered lectures on various topics to undergraduate students. I also engaged in a variety of academic activities, such as my participation in a program supported by the USDA to develop Iraqi veterinary curriculum at Iowa university. I have also been involved in various academic administrations such as being a course coordinator and a head of the Examination Board. My academic excellence has been advanced by my current scholarship to study PhD at the University of Glasgow, UK