HAYDER JAWAD MURSHEDI ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Administration and Economics -
[email protected]
Name : Dr. Hayder Jawad kadum Murshedi Occupation: Dr. Lecturer Gender: Male Date & Place of Birth: 22 June 1978 Iraq, Babil. Address: Iraqi-Babil province - Al-Hussein Q. Mobile: 07801372835 Email: [email protected] & [email protected] Academic Training & Education: 1. Ph.D. in economic development At the University of Kufa. 2. Masters Degree in Economics, Karbala University, 2006; 3. Bachelors degree in Economics, Kufa University in Najaf in 2003; 4. Training of trainers (TOT) course in 2006; 5. Economic development training in June 2006 at University of Karbala; 6. Teaching methods training in September 2006 at University of Kufa; and 7. Democracy and human right trainings in July 2006 at University of Kufa. Present and Past Positions lecturer in College of Administration and Economics University of Kufa 18 May, 2006 to present; . Professional Memberships: 1. Member of Iraqi Economists Association , ID 595049 2. Member of the Teachers Association, ID 8945 Published Works: 1. The Economic Reform Capabilities in Iraq - "The Study of the period from year 1988 to 2005, A Masters Degree thesis published. 2. The Reality of Human Development in Iraq and the Prospects for its Development, research published in the University of Kufa, 2005. 3. Assessing the Strategic Economic Development and Social Reconstruction in Iraq - research published in the University of Kufa, 2006. 4. The Role of the Private Sector in Iraq - Research published in the University of Baghdad, 2006. 5. The theory and practical application of Economic Development Profiles in Iraq - the Najaf, Karbala, and Wasit provinces. 6. A description and rationale for Economic Profile Training Modules. 7. The preparation of strategic economic development plans – the application in the Najaf, Karbala, Wasit provinces of Iraq. 8. The role and practical application of survey questionnaires in Iraq. Computer and IT Abilities: a. Completed a computer and language course at the American & Iraqi Chamber Commerce b. Completed a computer and language course (which is one of the higher Education recommendations) accomplished by AL-Kufa university. c. Training medium to learn the English language in the RTI d. Dealing with the office programs very well especially word and Excel applications. Core skills - Good communication skills at all levels. - Ability to organize work with a satisfied accuracy - Good understanding of computers and IT methods. Abilities and Suitable Assignments - Financial - Accountant - Administration Issues: - IT - Data Entry Research Interests: 1. Markets and financial and banking institutions. 2. The general budget of the public and local finances. 3. Fiscal and monetary policies and macroeconomic variables. 4. Corporate Finance. 5. Money commercial banks economies. 6. Public Finance 7. Financial Management The teaching of good things: 2. Banks economies. 3. Central banking and monetary policy. 4. Financial markets. 5. Financial Management 6. Assess investment decisions 7. Management of banks 8. Financial General 9. Managerial Economics