Hadi Hussein Al-alkarawy ( Professor )
Faculty of Jurisprudency -
[email protected]
Certificates: Master's in 1993, and the title of the message: (Ibn Idris ornaments and see jurisprudence - a comparative study). Doctorate in 2000, and the title of the thesis: (originality permitted and applications of jurisprudence). Scientific titles: 1993 Assistant Lecturer. Teacher in 2000. 2004 Assistant Professor. In 2011 Professor. Positions: Head of the Department of Law at the College of Management and Economics from 2002 m - 2004. Head of Islamic Jurisprudence Department at the Faculty of Theology of 2005 m - 2011. President of the Specialized Committee for Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Theology in 2010. Professor of graduate studies in the master's and doctoral degrees and specialized lessons in jurisprudence and assets since 2005 until now. He studied at the Faculty of Law - University of Babylon in graduate studies and preliminary since 1999 - 2008 m. Various illegal substances studied in colleges are: 1 - Faculty of Theology - University of Kufa. 2 - Sheikh Tusi University College. 3 - Faculty of Humanities University. He has more than fifteen in search of the most important: A - the jurisprudence of the stone when the second martyr. B - forced it buildings. C - Mental directory when fundamentalists Imami. D - the words of the language and its impact on the elicitation idiosyncratic. E - the literal meaning when Mr. al-Khoei - fundamentalist study. (F) the judicial differentiate comparative study. G - rooting quadruple division when fundamentalists Imami buildings. H - practical function when you accomplish the total science. I - the concept of number and its applications jurisprudence. Z - verbal introductions directory when fundamentalists Imami. Discussed more than twenty master, and more than a dozen in the doctoral thesis. He supervised more than twenty message in the Masters, and more than a dozen in the doctoral thesis, mostly related to the competence of the Islamic Jurisprudence and Quranic studies and legal. He participated in many scientific conferences held in Iraqi universities, including: A University of Kufa. (B) the University of Babylon. C Karbala University. Participated in many scientific conferences held outside Iraq, most notably: A - Imam rhetorical conference. B - Sheikh conference Kulayni. C - the first Conference of the martyrs and II. D - Conference Alakhund Sheikh Mohammad Kazem Khorasani. These conferences may be held in Iran different years, most recently at the end of 2011. He contributed to the establishment of some private colleges in Najaf such as: A - Sheikh Tusi University College. B - Humanitarian Studies University College