Ghasan Ali Al-Abaichy ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Engineering - Electrical
[email protected]
* Assist Lecturer at Electrical Engineering Department- University of Kufa. * Designer and Electrical Consultant at (Consultant office) - College of Engineering / University of Kufa * Some of the previous works until now:- •Director Engineer, in transmission Room/ AL-Ghadeer TV- Najaf /Iraq, from 1-7-2004 to 1-8-2004. •Officer in University Islamic College, Najaf/Iraq from 19-8-2004 to 22-2-2006. •Communication Projects Manager and officer in Commercial Department, in ZamZam Group Companies – Najaf/Iraq, from 20-11-2004 to 30-7-2005. •Representative of IMAM & PARTENERS Architectural Consultation Group Baghdad/Iraq, as inspector about the school books in Al-Najaf Governorate, from 17-5-2005 to 17-8-2005. •Teacher of (Microsoft Office) for 3rd class/ Education College for Females- Najaf/Iraq, from 15-9-2006 to 15-6-2007. •Technician in Engineering College- Kufa University- Najaf/Iraq, Teaching( Communication Lab.) for 3rd and 4th Class, and (Communication Tutorial) for 3rd Class, from 1-3-2006 still 28-7-2013. •President of maintenance committee for Electrical systems at University of Kufa , for 6 months. •Supervisor Engineer and designer of Electrical and Communication plans /Tenders at new site at University of Kufa from 28-12-2006 to 2015 •Assist Lecturer at University of Kufa – Electrical Engineering Department/ College of Engineering (Computer for first class and Digital Signal Processing for fourth class) as well as supervise and examiner of several student projects from 1-9-2013 still now . • I am teaching the following subjects:- - Digital Signal Processing for 4th Class. - Principle of Computer for 1st Class. - As well as Supervising on Bachelor Projects of students.