fuoad Yacob aljnaby ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Education -
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Fouad Yacoub Yousef Al-Janabi was born in Kufa in 1979 Specialization: Fine Arts - Painting / Philosophy / Criticism and Analysis / History of Art Holds:- - BA in Fine Arts (2006) University of Baghdad \ Faculty of Fine Arts. - Master in Fine Arts (2014) from the University of Babylon \ Faculty of Fine Arts. - PhD in Fine Arts - Painting (2018) from the University of Babylon \ Faculty of Fine Arts. Member of Iraqi Artists Syndicate - Baghdad Branch Member of Iraqi Plastic Society - Najaf Branch. Publications: - 1 - the disparity between technology and modern art. 2 - the manifestations of technological discourse in the art of postmodernism. Unpublished research: 1- Muharram in the modern Iraqi painting 2. Simulation in postmodern arts (Simulacar) Supervision and teaching: - Supervisor of many graduate research - Bachelor of Art Education. Teaching art history for the fourth stage - Art education. Teaching of planning and colors in the Department of Art Education - Phase II. Teaching of the planning and colors of the first stage in the Department of Art Education. Exhibitions, Exhibitions and Prizes: - Personal exhibition (nature) 1995, the Kufa Forum Hall - Awards and artistic contributions inside Iraq, including exhibitions of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association and the annual exhibitions of the Faculty of Arts, University of Baghdad from 1999-2006. - Beauty Road Exhibition 2005 - A joint exhibition of Najaf influential figures throughout history at the University of Kufa, 2009. - Exhibition of religious figures at the Faculty of Education Hall in cooperation with the management of the threshold Abaapa 2017. - Supervising and organizing exhibitions of the cultural week of the University of Kufa annually. - I have a lot of collectors for my art work outside of Iraq including (United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan ... and other countries). Courses and workshops: - 3D Max Course at the Computer Center / University of Kufa - Course of teaching methods / University of Kufa - ICDL / University of Kufa - Toffel Course / University of Kufa Posts by conferences scientific and type of participation Interfaith Dialogue / Great Hall, University of Kufa Medical Conference / Great Hall, University of Kufa Events of the Faculty of Education Annual and Quarterly / University of Kufa. And another group of posts.