Firas Abdulhadi Altufaili ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Engineering - Civil
[email protected]
• I am a supervisor engineer and project manager for Water supply project, hospital, water tight structure, Engineering consultant, retaining wall design, open channel. • Working at Iraqi officials & contractors rebuild infrastructure project as a Quality Control engineer at new water treatment plant in Al-SADR City in Baghdad for 7 months. • Working in governmental Company in Water Projects Field & (Ground Concrete Reservoir implementation) in a form of Contract As: • A Resident Engineer, Project manager, Site Engineer & Surveyor Engineer (20/1/2002 – 20/11/2005). • Workings as a supervisor Engineer in execute of Strip or raft footings and deep foundation by using (Precast, board & cast in situe “Franki piles” concrete piles. • Working as a civil Engineer in a private bureau (2001-2003). • I work also As trainer Engineer for Increasing Computer Skills and project management and GIS trainings of the Employees of local departments. • I work as official employee in Kufa University as Assistant Lecturer from Dec.2005 till this date and consultant Engineer in New college Buildings during 2007 ,2008,2009 and 2010. • I Attended and successfully completed Twelve hours training of three Phase inspection, Construction quality control. • I Attended and successfully completed eight hours Safety Training. • Workings as a supervisor Engineer in execute of local multistory in Baghdad. • As a maintenance Engineer in a private computer bureau. • Participating of the most conferences which held during the last two years in Najaf Province and I have Recommendation of all these conference. • Giving training courses in both AutoCAD and GIS programs and Quality Control and Quantity Estimate at different times.