fatima wanas Al_Hasnawi ( Professor )
Faculty of Nursing - General Nursing ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
Designation Prof Dr./Head of Family and Community Health Nursing Department Major Specialization Nursing sciences Minor Specialization community health Nationality Iraq Language known Able to read, write and speak fluently - Arabic and English Address Iraq / Najaf E-mail [email protected] Education: B.Sc. University Baghdad University Country Iraq Year 1991 M.Sc. University Baghdad University Country Iraq Year 2006 Ph.D. University Baghdad University Country Iraq Year 2010 Educational Experience: 1) Work as a lecturer in the Health Education Unit, Department of Social Welfare, 1992 2) Work in the Department of the Department of Nursing Affairs 2002 3) University of Kufa / Faculty of Nursing / Iraq from 2006 till now 4) Responsibilities 5) Head of the evening department 6) Head of Mental Health Branch 7) Head of Community Health Branch 8) Member of the Scientific Association of Nursing and Midwifery 9) Chairman of Scientific Promotions Committee 10) Member of the Editorial Board of Kufa Journal of Nursing Sciences 11) Member of Academic Accreditation Committee 12) Member of the Model Nursing Lobby Committee 13) Member of the scientific committee 14) Member of the Graduate Studies Committee 15) The National Health Care Program was established in cooperation with the United States Human Development 16) Follow-up of the rights of the child 17) Follow-up committee of maternal mortality 18) Member of the Ministerial Committee for Curriculum Modernists Teaching 19) Teaching and training 20) Health administration 21) The basics of nursing 22) Adult Nursing 23) Community health 24) Mental health and mental health 25) Health management 26) Health education 27) Practical nursing training. 28) Supervising the graduate of the Master's degree 29) Education in the field of higher education 30) Member Chairman of the Committee for Discussion of the Master's Degree in the Colleges of Technology, Management and Economics 31) Teaching the scientific methods of research for the primary and secondary studies Conferences Participation in national conferences: 1) Participate in many quality conferences held by the University of Kufa 2) Participating in the graduation conferences of the University of Kufa 3) Participate in many graduate research conferences organized by the University of Babylon 4) Participation in the quality conference at Baghdad University / Ibn Rushd College 5) Participating in workshops to modernize nursing curricula at Kufa University, Holler University and Rania University 6) Participation in all international conferences held by the Faculty of Nursing 7) Participation in the International Conference on Medical Research in Bali Activities : 1) Establish annual sessions, workshops and panel discussions on 2) Breast cancer 3) Complete treatment of respiratory diseases in children 4) First aid 5) Monitoring nutritional status 6) Criteria for measuring the health level of the community 7) Environmental pollution 8) To smoke 9) Children's rights 10) Women's rights 11) Health Regulations 12) The gloom 13) Control of diseases 14) Early detection of breast cancer 15) Deaths of mothers because of pregnancy and childbirth 16) Communication skills and health messages 17) Participate in the development of a model for the executive plan for academic accreditation standards 18) Establish a workshop to explain the application of academic accreditation standards 19) Establishment of awareness sessions for the community for every epidemic case, such as mumps, avian influenza, swine, cholera, measles, zica, 20) To establish awareness-raising seminars in the faculties of education, literature and mathematics 21) Holding a seminar on how time is spent 22) Seminars on drug addiction 23) Evaluate the promotion research for the various universities in Iraq 24) Supervising many Master's Letters 25) Terrace or membership of discussion committees for the master and doctorate and the various universities of Iraq Community Services 1) Conducting various weekly visits to different institutions in the community. 2) Care for the elderly and special needs 3) Factories of leather, cement and water stations of Abbasiyah, Kufa and Najaf 4) Organizing awareness seminars for women 5) Research on the psychology of children of the fifth generation / Rafidain children's institution 6) To organize a large number of educational seminars for students of internal departments 7) Field visit to the Anti-Drug Division in Najaf with postgraduate students