Farked Wahoody Alkafaji ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Science -
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Curriculum vitae FULL NAME : farked wahoody salman ALkafaji NATIONALITY : Iraqi DATE OF BIRTH : 29/08/1974 MARTAL STATUS : Married PERMANENT ADDRESS . Iraq , Babylon , hilla ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE Department of chemistry College of sciences Al-kufa University Najaf-Iraq ACADEMIC RECORDS M.Sc. physical chemistry College of Science ) ( Al- kufa University B.Sc. Chemistry College of Science) ) ) babylon University TITLE OF THESISES (Preparation and study some physical and thermal properties of new polymers) EXPERIENCE • 2000-2003, Chemist in ministry of industry in Iraq . • 2003-2006, Chemist in Dept. of Chemistry, Collage of science, Kufa University, Iraq. • 2007-2009, Hamdard University, India studying Biochemistry. • 2010´-2012 Chemist in Dept. of Chemistry, Collage of science, Kufa University. • 2012-2014 studying Master of M.Sc. physical chemistry, Kufa university, Iraq. • 2014- now, Lecturer and lab supervisor in Dept. of Chemistry, Collage of science, Kufa University, Iraq. PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE Good analytical skills with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometry, Ultra Violet and cyclic voltammetry SKILLS AND HOBBIES - 1. Experience in Widows (XP, VISTA, 7…etc.), Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2. Have a good experience to carry the research in a large team Experience in writing scientific papers for publication .3 4. Experience in carrying out systematic literature 5. The language (Arabic and English) LIST OF PUBLICATIONS 1- (Preparation and Study Antibacterial Activity of a New polymer) journal of Babylon university, vol. 23, no. 2,2015 2- (Characterization ,Synthesis and Study of Biological Activity of New derivatives of Sulphadiazine ) International Journal of Chem Tech Research,Vol.10 No.14 , pp 89-96,2017 3- New Gemcitabine Derivatives as potent in vitro α-Glucosidase Inhibitors Nano Biomedicine and Engineering, 2019,11(1):84-90 4- Synthesis of new Dapsone Derivatives linked 1,2,3- triazole as α-glucosidase inhibitors has been accepted by the scientific committee for presentation in the 4th conference of collage of science, during April 29th-30th, 2019 at college of science,University of Thi-Qar at nasiriya city, Iraq. 5- New Dapsone Derivatives as potent Antibacterial Activity (Practical and Writing ) has been completed APPRECIATION REWARDS many appreciation letters from Dean, college of science, AL-Kufa University. Thanks certification from president of Al-Kufa University. Email : [email protected] : [email protected] Tell : 009647810218496