faris najeim al-muash ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Arts - Philosophy
[email protected]
Education 2015 M.A. in the Philosophical Literature, College of Arts, University of Kufa. Najaf, Iraq. Average: 86% 2008 B.A. in Philosophy, College of Arts, University of Kufa. Najaf, Iraq. Average: 91% Graduated as Top Student of the Department of Philosophy. Top Student of the College of Arts. Third Top Student of the University of Kufa. Qualifications • Excellent expertise in academic Arabic language. • Excellent expertise in Arabic poetry that stems from being a well-known Iraqi poet who is awarded a number of international and local prizes. • Wide knowledge in the history of Arabic culture; in poetry and literature, and in the outlines of western cultures, schools of poetry, music, plastic arts, and cinema. • Scholarly knowledge of the history of philosophy, most prominent philosophical theories, philosophical schools, and philosophical methodologies. • Good capability to studying the cultural phenomena and analyzing the ongoing events; in order to have a better understanding for their epistemic, social, and philosophical dimensions. Works Publications: ▪Marra Wahida (One Time): Book of poetry. The publisher: Ministry of Culture in the United Arab Emirates- 2005. (ISBN: 9948-04-216-6). ▪ Iraq 360 degrees (co-write, with The Iraqi writer Abdulmohsin Salih): views by two Iraqi writers on a journey from Baghdad to Damascus, Ankara, Istanbul, Cairo and Beirut. The publisher: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Berlin- 2007. (ISBN: 978-3-89892-712-3). Academic researches: ▪The Philosophical Aspect in the Iraqi Contemporary Poetry/ Poetry of Sargon Boulus as An Example. (Un published thesis). ▪The Problem of Life at Nietzsche. (Unpublished research ranked the best graduation research in the University of Kufa 2008). International Awards 2011 Open Eye Award for photography, Berlin, Germany. MICT’s Open Eye Award was first launched in 2010. Each year it was held, it recognized the best examples of journalism, photo-journalism or media production in Iraq in a number of categories, including business, human rights, culture or other topics of national importance. Awards were also given to the best examples of media entrepreneurship in Iraq. For more information: 2010 Al-Babtain’s Prize for Poetic Creativity, Kuwait (The best poem). A well-known international award dedicated to the Arabic poetry which is awarded every two years for the best participating poetry texts. The prizes ceremony is held every time in a different capital. The 2010 festival was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia. A number of presidents and about fifty ministers and ambassadors in addition to more than 500 literates from different countries. For more information: 2007 Golden Prize in International Arab Film Festival in Oran, Algeria (The best screenplay). Faris Harram co-wrote the screenplay of the Iraqi film Ghayr Saleh (Underexposure) with the film’s director Oday Rasheed. They completed filming between 2003-2004. The film is the first Iraqi film after Saddam’s regime felling in 2003. It received a number of international awards. For more information: 2005 Sharjah Award for the Arabic Creativity in Poetry, UAE (for the Book of poetry "Marra Wahida" (One Time)) . A famous award in the Arabic world that is awarded yearly to the best participating literary books, and then they adopt printing and publishing them. For more information: Study Honors The first rank to best graduation research in the University of Kufa 2008. The research title: The Problem of Life in Nietzsche’s philosophy.   Work Experience (1990-present) Government jobs • (2015 - present) Lecturer. Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa. • (2009-2011) Cultural coordinator. University of Kufa, Presidency University. • (1990-2009) Database administrator. Al-Faw General Engineering Company. (2010- 2016) Head of the Union of Writers in Najaf. The Union of Writers in Najaf is a semi-governmental dependent organization. It is the biggest cultural organization in Najaf. On 20th. July 2010 Faris Harram was elected a head to the union. Najaf now has significant importance nationally and internationally as it is Shia's religious center on the globe. ISESCO have chosen this city to be a Capital for Islamic Culture in 2012. (2004 - 2010) Journalist • Editor in Chief of “Telephone FM” radio show program, for MICT (Media in Cooperation and Transition, Berlin, Germany (2004). • Cultural Journalism Reporter in Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, for “Iraq 360 degrees” radio show program (2005). • General Journalism Reporter in Baghdad and Najaf for "Niqash" German e-Magazine ( (2006-2010). • General Journalism Reporter to the German-Iraqi Economical Forum "WPI" ( (2008-2010). (2003 - present) Cultural Activity • Co-founder of Najeen (survivors) Group for Arts and Culture in April 2003 after the fall of Saddam's regime, and writing the group's first manifestation which was distributed in Baghdad in Arabic, English, and Kurdish on 26 April 2003. That group gained large fame in Iraq, and the world-famous newspapers wrote about it. Then some of the memos of foreign journalists in Baghdad did. The group stopped working in 2005 because of the escalation of violence in Iraq and after the achievement of three well-known works in Iraq: o "They Passed by Here" a panoramic drama performed on the debris of the burned and destroyed Al-Rasheed Theatre (3 May 2003). It was the first Iraqi theatrical work after war. o "Survivors Statue" in Al-Ferdaws Square (22 May 2003) instead of Saddam's statue removed by the US forces when entering Baghdad with that famous scene on April 2003. o "Under Exposure" (2004). It was the first Iraqi movie after 2003 war. • Issuing "manifestation about the cultural reform in Iraq" (2009) published in "Al-Sabah" semi-official Iraqi newspaper and issued in Baghdad. • Issuing "Vision to Rescue the Iraqi Culture" (2010) published at "Al-Sabah" Iraqi semi-official newspaper. Then it continued in publishing at a number of magazines and newspapers inside and outside Iraq and at websites. • Participating with a few Iraqi poets in establishing Iraqi Poetry House in Baghdad (2009), and launching "Bait" (House) poetry magazine (2010). (1999-2003) Arabic language adviser • "Al-Tali'a al- Adabiya", a literary magazine issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Culture. • "Afaaq Arabiya", a cultural magazine issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Culture. Skills Languages: Arabic (Native language, proficient in reading and writing). English (middle level to good in reading and writing). Photography skills: Taking pictures with good ability to control the conditions of the good picture: composition, lighting, and Technical Aspects. Computer skills: Fast computer typing, audio editing and production, proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, and strong abilities to learn new computer programs. Additional Data To date, Faris Harram has written four plays acted on stage: • “Zayd and ‘Amro don’t drink tea in the guestroom or in the kitchen because there is no tea in the first place. Dangers from a teapot, dangers from a cup and dangers from a human being, and there is no tea in the first place” (1999). • “Salma keeps silent for many reasons” (2002). • “How shall we hear them... answer” (2002). • “The house in which I spent the most beautiful days of my life... had only three rooms” (2004).