falah razaq al-radood ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Jurisprudency -
[email protected]
Name: m. Dr . Falah Abdul Razak Jassem satisfaction Aleradod. Born in Najaf. Bachelor of Sharia and Islamic Studies. He holds a master's degree for his tagged (curriculum in modern criticism in the book Bourne), Kufa University School of Jurisprudence, is printed in a book by the Shiite Endowment in Baghdad. He holds a doctorate for his thesis tagged Certificate (jurisprudence talk between theory and practice), Kufa University School of Jurisprudence, published online and printed in a book. Major: Sharia and Islamic Studies. Specialization: Science of Hadith. Research participated in multiple scientific seminars and conferences inside and outside the province. A variety of research groups published in refereed journals and court. It has several radio interviews in an Islamic radio stations belong to distinct topics sensitive and accurate, particularly topical. His experience in the field of media and the media has a distinct balance. His projects and research and writings under achievement.