Fadel kamel al-Musawi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Jurisprudency -
[email protected]
Name: Fadel kamel Mohsen Salman al-Musawi Births: Najaf 1957 Marital status: Married Number of Children: 9 Scientific Biography: Bachelor of Arabic language. Baghdad University / College of Education / year 19801981 Master Arab language: Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa. 2002 M.anoan message (verb different formats and their significance in the Koran). Doctorate Arabic language (the language): Faculty of Humanities Education. University of Babylon . 2016 Thesis Title (single Quranic indication when linguists and fundamentalists). Title: Teacher. Research published: CD-reducing in the Koran (Quick Study). Morphological variation formulas and significance. Single Quranic indication when linguists Find. Subscriber. Denote single Quranic when fundamentalists. A joint research. Trait among linguists and Albulageyen.