fadheela abosy alamery ( Professor )
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Full name and surname: fadheela Abbosy Mohsen Hussein Alamery College: Fiqh University: Kufa Department: Department of modern science Degree: Assistant Professor Position: teaching General jurisdiction: the language Jurisdiction flour: about exchange Degree: Ph.D. Email: [email protected] Address: Iraq-Najaf province Alocharf- Hay Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) First: Actual research published: - 1. Quranic witness in the speeches of Imam Hassan (as) an objective study 2. Demand methods in the study of grammatical Alsjadih paper tag 3. linguistic research in the interpretation of the statement of Mr. al-Khoei (Kdh) 4. intellectual terrorism and the role of the media (Maysan University Conference) Second: -ohm scientific posts 1. political opinion when Imam Hassan (AS) grammatical Semantic Study (Islamic University Conference) in Najaf 2. associated with linguistic and semantic impact study in the commandment of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) to his brother Mohammed bin Tap (Qadisiyah University) Conference 3. Impact of apocalyptic significance in Nahj (sermon described the death) model 4. Space inheritance for women (Baghdad University Conference, College of Education for Girls, Jadiriyah) 5. stylistic in the poetry of Mr. Sharif al-Murtaza (Rah) objective study (Conference in Iran) 6. the concept of jihad in a speech of Zaid bin Ali (peace be upon them) semantic grammatical study 7. consistency and harmony in the al-sahifa al-sajjadiyya of Imam Zainal Abidin (peace be upon him)