fadhil radhi ghabash ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Administration and Economics - Business Management  
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Name Fadel Radhi Ghbash Al - Ghazali Certificate 1 - Master, Donor: University of Kufa in 2006 2 - دكتوارة, Donor: University of Baghdad in 2013 Country Iraq Academic title Assistant Professor Specialization: Organizational Theory and Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management personal information First Mailing Address: @ Fadel_rr II - 3 - t mobile number: - 07801143553 Third place of birth and date: Muthanna / Al-Mukarramah district, 1/7/1980 IV Education and employment 1- PhD in Philosophy of Business Administration (2013) University of Baghdad / Iraq 2 - Master of Science in Business Administration (2006) University of Kufa / Iraq. 3- Bachelor of Business Administration (2002), University of Kufa / Iraq. 4 - Experience in: operating system (Windows) and word processing program (roses) and program (Excel) Power Point and the International Internet Network 2000 Baghdad. And information technology from the University of Qadisiyah 2013 V. Scientific literature and research: A - Management of Strategic Challenges - Strategic Financial Perspective, (Contracted for publication at Dar Wael Publishing and Distribution, Amman: Jordan). B - Scientific research has many of the research published in Iraqi journals court, including: 1. The role of supervision and transparency in the fight against administrative corruption (Journal of the Islamic University, No. 6: 2009 2. The required abilities to improve the quality of the university performance of the faculty member - an applied study of a sample of some of the faculties of Qadisiyah University (Basra University Journal of Administrative Sciences 2008). 3. The behavior of the service provider in the client's capital (Islamic University Magazine, fourth edition 2008) 4. The relationship between poetic intelligence and planned change strategies (Qadisiyah Journal of Administrative and Economical Sciences, Volume 11, Volume 3-2009 5. The extent of the application of total quality management in the Islamic College of the University (Qadisiyah Journal of the Sciences of the beginning and economic 6. Mechanism of activating the Iraqi market for securities and banking in the era of globalization (Research published Journal of Karbala University for Economic and Administrative Sciences, Volume Seventeen Volume IV 7. The role of the investment sector in the Iraqi market for securities (research published in the Journal of Administration and Economics, University of Kufa) 8. Reforming university education between reality and treatment according to the total quality management system, Kurdistan Conference 9. The importance of evaluating performance in the efficiency and effectiveness published, Qadisiyah Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences 2008 10. Title: Reform of university education between reality and treatment according to the system of total quality management - Applied research at the University of Qadisiyah 11, the role of competition management in achieving the market value of shares in the Iraqi market for securities of the banking sector Ahli. The role of electronic media in building civil society organizations 13 - The role of spiritual leadership in promoting the organizational symmetry published in Qadissiya Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences in 2016 14 - Behavioral differentiation of leaders and his role in organizational symmetry to reduce deviant behavior published in the Journal of Muthanna University in 2017 15 Organizational symmetry: a contemporary perspective in the process of strengthening and understanding organizational prestige Qadisiyah Journal Volume 15 Issue 22013 Assistant Professor Strategic guessing and his role in achieving organizational dexterity Anbar Magazine 16-The Interactive Role of Organizational Learning in the Relationship Between Modest Leadership and Employee Green Behavior Strategy -The Journal of Social Sciences Research / scopes Inss (e): 2411-9458, inss (p): 2413-6670 2018 18. Measuring the synergy between emotional exhaustion and the strategic strategic behavior of managers ---- 0pcion / scopes Issn 1012-1587 legaldeposit1 2018 19- RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PATERNALISTIC LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES AND ORGANIZATIONAL INNOVATION FOR FACING ORGANIZATIONAL SLACK: AN ANALYTIC STUDY ON A SAMPLE OF THE FACTIONS OF DHIQAR UNIVERSITY "Journal of advanced research in dynamic and control systems Issn 1943-023x December 2018 2018 20 - Democracy of the workplace and organizational communication Dr. Fadel Radhi and Sana Kazem Journal of Education for Human Sciences Local 2019 Acceptance of publication 21 Original Leadership and Democracy Place of Work Dr. Fadel and Senaa Kazem Center for Research and Studies Local 2019 Acceptance of Dissemination 22 Strategic flexibility and its impact on enhancing organizational performance Dafdal and Hassan Hadi Al-Baraki Center for Studies and Research Kufa University Local 2019 Acceptance of the publication of Order No. 1438 23 The Intermediate Role of Higher Containment between Strategic Contributions to Human Resource Management and Positive Organizational Behavior Dr. Fadel Radhi and Assistant Lecturer Khairia Abdul Fadl and Researcher Saddam Kazem Journal of Administration and Economics Karbala 2018 Volume (7) Number (27) 128- There are many scientific research that I have not touched upon will be completed once the final version of the summer is completed and there is research under publication Attendance of conferences and seminars 1- There were many scientific conferences and local seminars in the Iraqi universities and participated in many of the committees assigned by the college to mention them 2 - Participated in the second country conference at the University of Karbala (strategic planning to build the future) 3 - Participated in the scientific symposium held in the Faculty of Management and Economics / University of Kufa (investment in the Middle Euphrates) 4 - Participated in the scientific symposium held in the Faculty of Management and Economics / Qadisiya (performance of university education) 2007 5- Participated in the first international conference held in the Kurdistan region of Iraq 2007 6 - Participated in the scientific symposium held at the University of Basra 2008 7- Participated in the scientific conference at Wasit University 2009 8- Participated in the third scientific conference at Karbala University 2008 9. Participated in the symposium