Fadhil Kurdi Alshammri ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science - Physical Education ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
holds a master's degree and doctorate from the University of Babylon Physical Education College jurisdiction Sports Psychology and Educational Guidance and handball, teaching at the University of Kufa since 2005 and an employee where since 1997, a lecturer at the Faculties of Science and Education for Girls in materials competence, a lecturer in the Asian Football in sports psychology, holds a training certificate and arbitrary rule Handball, Branch Chief psychological and educational sciences at the Faculty of Physical Education for one year. Counselor to work talented school hero in the Ministry of Youth and Sports. And supervisor psychologically and mentor and artistic director of Al Kufa team handball within the elite league for the year 2012. Chairman of the Committee on Educational Guidance in college for the last two years. Research Interests: Study the effect of the psychological state of sports. Study used a variety of means to learn the skills of handball. Study guiding means to deepen the social situation and strengthen the links between students Study of the psychological pressure and stress in performance during competition and training. Teaching Interests : Sports Psychology Research Handball, skills and play situations Football. Skill and play situations Motor learning Human Rights