ethar abdalmuhsin almayahi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Education - ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
 I attended Ram-Allah Primary School for Girls, joined Al-Najaf Intermediate School for Girls, entered Al-Najaf Preparatory School for Girls, and got the certificate that qualified me to enter the university.  I studied physics in the Department of Physics /College of Education for Women/Kufa University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in 2000.  Due to the fact that I was one of the ten outstanding graduates, I had worked in the Department of Physics’ laboratories in the above-mentioned college for the academic year (2000-2001).  In 2011, I joined a master course in the Methods of Teaching Physics in the Department of Educational and Psychological Science/College of Education/Al-Qadisiya University and succeeded with a very good level.  I got a master’s degree in 2013 with an excellence mark in the Methods of teaching science of Teaching specialization in general and in Methods of Teaching Physics in particular.  I received five letters of thanks and acknowledgement from the minister of higher education and scientific research in addition to similar letters and certificates from the chancellor of Kufa University and some colleges’ deans and departments’ heads.  I participated in the following various training courses: 1. ICDL 2. Environmental Pollution and Prevention from Radiation in the College of Education for Women 3. English Conversation in the Coed College of Education 4. Arabic Language in the college of Jurisprudence 5. Urban Defense in the Dormitories Department in Kufa University 6. First Aids 7. Educational Guidance in the Dormitories Department 8. Development of Dormitories’ Superintendents held by the presidency of Kufa University 9. Methods of Teaching in the Methods and Educational Rehabilitation Centre in Al-Qadisiya University 10. Psychic Health held by the Dormitories Department in Kufa University  I got the following certificates: 1. TOEFL 2. IC3 3. ICDL  I attended and took part in the following conferences and symposiums: 1. The Second Dialogue Conference of Kufa University Reality and Ambition 2. International Quality Conference held by Kufa University 3. Colleges of Education between Theory and Practice, a symposium held by College of Education for Women 4. The Conference of Multi-Religions in the Dialogue of Cultures