Entisar Abbas Al-hillo ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Physical Planning -
[email protected]
I graduated from Baghdad University – College of Engineering - Architectural Department in 1995 and worked as an external lecturer in the Civil Department of the University of Kufa in engineering drawing for the first grade since 1995 - 1999 ,and the principles of architectural design for two semesters in 1996. For the period from 2003-2011 I worked in the Institute of Training of Trainers in Libya / Misurata ,I taught architectural design I, II and III, the history of architecture and free hand drawing. I Worked on the owners of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the University of Kufa 5-5-2013 in the department of engineering affairs and I was assigned to oversee many design projects referred to companies (Diwan) in the United Arab Emirates and the company in the United Arab Emirates and the company (Asas Al-Amara) in Jorden. I Participated in a workshop in Jordan with (Asas Al-Amara) in 2014 and a workshop in Lebanon with Diwan Company in 2015. Participated in many committees affiliated to the projects of developing the General plan of the University of Kufa, and designing faculties such as the Faculty of Administration and Economics, and the student housing. In 2015, I participated in teaching engineering drawing, urban design, and Residential Neighborhood In the Faculty of Urban Planning. In 2016, I complete the master's degree in architecture at the University of Baghdad and get it in 2019.