iman muslim aljabiry ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Education -
[email protected]
First Certificate and the year of graduation: Bachelor of Arts _ 2008 / Kufa University - Faculty of Arts Certificate II and the year of graduation: Master _ 2011 / Kufa University - Faculty of Arts Cultural activities: Employee contract (language expert) in the electronic encyclopedia for a year and a half in Najaf Islamic Culture Capital 2012 project. Board Member of the Women's Development Association. Member of the Commission for Social and Educational processors in the College of Education Rapporteur of the Cultural Committee at the Department of Quranic sciences in the College of Education / 2014 Member of the Commission guidance in the Department of Quranic sciences in the College of Education / 2014. Poet and short story writer. Published in several magazines and newspapers inside and outside Iraq, including the Journal of the pure Iranian and Iraqi newspaper news magazine in Iran and reeds in Bnlun. Stomach radio and television programs It stomach programs: Um generations / Radio Knowledge Conscious mother: Radio sponsor / branch of Najaf. TV program : Rights in the Koran / Mahzh television two races. Programs in the pipeline: Social Forum / radio. Koranic development. Hiring witness grammar in a speech Zahraa for peace. Television and radio interviews: Bourne satellite channel: About the role of women in Renaissance Husseiniya. About violence against women from the perspective of a Muslim. Iraqiya: about the human dimension in the character of Imam Hussein (AS). Conferences: Conference (Najaf, the capital of science and knowledge for a thousand years) 2011 M / chair of the Committee secretariat of the conference. Figures, as well Festival in Najaf / 2011. Conference in support of the Holy Prophet in the Faculty of Education, 2013 / researcher Conference Arab Narrative House / Member of the Preparatory Committee Publications: Research titled (in exchange Conjunction) Cultural articles in local magazines and newspapers, including multi-: Point of Lights Foundation for newspaper and loyalty, and newspaper and magazine Najaf Najaf, the capital of culture and the pure magazine in Iran, Al-Nabaa in Iran and reeds magazine in Beirut. Honors: Honoring Professor Barham Salih, the first students in 2008 Honoring Dr. Batoul Farouk Conference of Arab Narrative House Honoring Athadaladebat poem (Hala robe) Honoring Union figures, as well as discuss the Koran in the style of expression. Honoring the Faculty of Education at the Conference on the Prophet Muhammad (p). Seminars: School dropout and violence against the pupil / 2013 / Preparation Continue with the presence of cultural and social events, including: Violence against women from the perspective of a Muslim. Set up Rivers Association / attendance Seminar for transparency in the extractive industries hosted Mahdcd / attendance Cultural periodical seminars held by the Women's Development Association and attend the post. Cultural seminars hosted by the space culture / attend.