Eman Alkhyat Alkhyat ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Arts - Geography
[email protected]
Eman Ghafil Alkhyat [email protected] 96 Windsor Street Liverpool, L8 8EQ, UK Mobile No. 07878550594 Tel. 01517080606 ACADEMIC HISTORY MSc in Information & computing System, Liverpool John Moores University, UK. (2013) BSc in Statistics, Almustansiriya, Baghdad, Iraq (1990) WORK EXPERIENCE Worked as a Mathematics teacher in the Arabic school (Libyan School)-Liverpool UK. The job involved teaching a large group of students with different stages of learning. (2016-2018) Worked as an Arabic & ICT teacher at The Belvedere Academy, Liverpool, UK. It was a part-time job in which I taught students Arabic & ICT and helped prepare them for GCSE and A-level exams, I carried out speaking assessments. (2014-2016) Worked as an Arabic teacher in the Arabic school -Liverpool, UK. The job involved teaching a large group of students and preparing the teaching materials for children at different ages and stages of learning. (2002-2003) Worked as a Mathmatics teacher in Algwarsha College, Libya-Benghazi, (2000-2002) Worked as a private tutor for Statistics & Mathematics, Libya-Benghazi, (1996-1997) Worked as a statistician in The Faculty of Arts, The University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq (1995-1996) Worked as an Administrator at the Faculty of Arts (philosophy department), The University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq (1993-1995) Mathematics Teacher- Alnajaf schools, Najaf, Iraq (1990-1992) COURSES & CERTIFICATES Blackburn House Liverpool Access to Higher Education including: · English, Maths · Personal Development · Research Skills · Application · Web Design · Computer and Network · Computer Programming and Computer Legislation ECDL European Computer Driving license at Blackburn House Education, Liverpool (2009) City & Guilds Access to Higher Education Diploma (ICT) Blackburn House Education, Liverpool (2009) Cambridge ESOL level Certificate in ESOL Skills for life (Speaking and Listening) level 2, at Liverpool community college 2008 City & Guilds Advanced Diploma and Business ICT level 3 at Blackburn House Education, Liverpool, July 2007 Student of the year award for ICT (2007) City & Guilds Business ICT level 2 Diploma Blackburn House Education, Liverpool (2006) Short Courses including; OCR Level 2 in Adult Numeracy, Effective Project Management at Blackburn House Group, Liverpool (2005), ESOL level 1, Communication Skills and World of Work level 2 and PC Maintenance at level 2. Level 2. Key Skills Excellent Communication skills both verbal and written developed through my studies at the University. Team Work: gained during my voluntary work and study and demonstrated excellent team working skills while I was doing a group assignment. Teaching Skills curse at Kufa University 2019> SKILLS · Bilingual (speak both Arabic and English) · Time management · Organisational skills · Teaching Fitting Test · Arabic LanguageIntegrity REFERENCES References are available on request