ehsan ebdalameer Al-Abodi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics - Mathematics ( Head of Division )
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ehsanebdalameer ezeez 1981 M.A. assistant teacher General Administration Human Resource Management Director of the Faculty Library assistant teacher. Ihsan Abdel Amir Aziz Aboudi Master of Humanities Studies (Human Resource Management) - Official Division Date of Birth: 0000-00-00 ( Male ) general information Ihsan Abdel Amir Aziz master of Business Administration 1981   Publications Search The study of the CKM purchasers and the importance of Bray Säzman and the impact factors 2016 - Human Studies - Sumin Canfrance between Al-Malili and Al-Musabadit   Danesh & Naqsh Director of Electronic Checking 2016 - Human studies - Kanfrns between Al-Mali Industrial engineers and directorate   The Effect of the Salastafide Tauristase in the Pseudomonas aeruginosa on the Shorundan (( 2016 - Human studies - Kanfrns between Almli directorates and Hasbdari   The impact of strategic intelligence in achieving marketing flexibility 2018 - Humanities Studies - Journal of the Faculty of Education for Girls / Department of History / University of Kufa   contact information Mobile Phone [email protected] Email University of Kufa / Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics / Mathematics Department