Duaa Abdul Hadi Fatlawi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Nursing - General Nursing
[email protected]
I studied at the University of Kufa College of Nursing and graduated in 2011-2012 I worked as an anesthesiologist at Najaf Center for Cardiothoracic Interventional Surgery in 2013 Then I moved to the University of Kufa College of Nursing in 2014 I participated in the training of students in the Fundamental of Nursing and Adult Nursing subspecialties I studied in the same college and graduated in 2018-2019 with honors after discussing the thesis (Prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder among Primary School Children in AN Najaf City) and now work As a lecturer in the Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing branch according to my specialization as well as the officer of the Continuing Education Unit at the Faculty of Nursing