dhilal jawad Yassin ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Geography
[email protected]
dr.dhilal Jawad Kadhim Yassin University of Kufa Faculty of Education for woman President Department of Geography Kufa-POBox190 Najaf –governorate, Iraq Mobile:+964(o) 7812185881 Email / dhilalj.kadhim @ Bachelor and theMinistryofHigherEducationand Scientific Research/University of Kufa/College of Education for Girls1996 Master andtheMinistryofHigherEducationand Scientific Research/University of Kufa/College of Education for Girls2005 Doctor andtheMinistryofHigherEducationand Scientific Research/University of Kufa/Faculty of Arts student research Interest 1. geostrategic 2. Algeobolitc 3. Strategy publications 1. assess the reality of the environmental impact of green areas in the holy city of Najaf using GIS Technology 2. dust storms and their effects in increasing manifestations of desertification in Qadisiyah province. 3. The potential for investment and the development of ground water in the province of Najaf 4. The geographical analysis of the natural properties of the island of Socotra 5. geographical analysis of agricultural pests that affect agricultural production in the district of Kufa 6. Regional and international powers strategies towards the island of Socotra 7. scarcity of surface water and its impact on food security in Najaf 8. political importance of the geographical location of Iraq