dhia moslem Ghaibi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of ( Head of the Department )
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Name : Dhia Moslem Abd Al- ameer Alghaibi. Date of birth :1976. Place of birth : Alnajaf. • He entered the college of law - Babylon university in the academic year 1993-1994 and he graduated from this faculty within the minimum period required and in the first place in his class in the academic year 1997-1998. • He presented directly to the high studies in the college of law - Babylon university , and he finished requirements of the study successfully In 7/2/2002 he debated his thesis ( the international protection of intellectual property rights) to obtain a master degree in public law in accordance with the University order No. A/5067 in 15/4/2002. • He qualified as assistant lecturer in 8/1/2003 in the college of administration and economics - Kufa university and especially in the department of law and before this department become a college of law in 2004 So he was from a professors who constituted the college of law in Kufa university. - He gave lessons in many subjects of law, including public international law, international organizations, political systems, penal law general section, penal law special section, introduction to the study of law in English, administrative law in English, criminology and penology. - Received a doctorate in criminal law from the University of Lille / France 2018 for his thesis: The Criminal protection of information security in Iraq. Legal study at national and international level