Dr Dhiaa Kareem Ali ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Education - English Language
[email protected]
I am a lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Kufa, researching the intersection of discourse, society and politics. My research interests are centred on critical discourse studies, language, and in politics, nationalism, racism, prejudice, discrimination, argumentation analysis, self and other representation, as well as populism found in various digital media practices. I joined the University of Kufa/ Department of English in September 2009 as a Lecturer in Linguistics from Ahlulbait University, where I had previously worked for one year. Since then I have taught on a wide range of subjects at UG level, including but not limited to modules on Linguistics, Grammar and Research Methods. I also taught Language and Cross Cultural Communication and Research Portfolio Modules in Newcastle University at the School of Education .and Communication and Language Science AREAS OF RESEARCH SUPERVISION I would be interested in supervising students in the areas of pragmatics, intercultural pragmatics, (critical) discourse analysis and corpus linguistics. In particular, I would welcome proposals on: • discourses of migration • discourse on/of radicalization and extremism. • the role of language in 'Self and Othering' • discourse studies of populism • the role of language as an identity proxy in ideological debates. • diachronic/historical studies of media/public representation • corpus-assisted (critical) discourse studies • language abuse CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS • (2018) The Trojan Horse: the Construction of Iraqi Shiites in Times of Wars in the US Press. IVACS, University of Malta, Malta. • (2018) Media at war: The discursive construction of Saddam Hussein in the Iraq-Iran War and the US-led invasion. Computational Methods for Literary-Historical Textual Scholarship The Centre for Textual Studies (CTS), De Montfort University, UK. • (2018) Discourse of Wars on Iraq: The Construction of Iraq in the US Major Press. Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD) Conference, Alborg , Denmark. • (2016) Corpus- based Critical Discourse Analysis of the New York Times: The Justification of the 2003 War Iraq. Bath Spa University, UK. • (2016) PRG roundtable. Iraq: Legal-Political Legacies Conference SLS Report. Northumbria University, UK. • (2015) Discourse analysis and media attitudes: The representation of Iraq in the UK and USA press between 1980-2016. 11 th Newcastle upon Tyne Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics, Newcastle University, UK. • (2010) Investigating the Difficulties facing Iraqi EFL University Students in Interpreting Conversational Implicature. The 4th Annual Conference of the English and Translation Department at Jerash University, Jordon. SELECTED TRAININGS (2017) Conversation Analytic Role-Play Method (CARM). Loughborough University, UK. (2017) Workshop: Text Hackathon: A two-day Hackathon on Extracting Knowledge from Big Digital Texts. De Montfort University. UK. (2014) UCREL/CASS Summer School in Statistics for Corpus Linguistics. Lancaster University, UK. (2015) Summer School 'Corpus Linguistics: Tools and Applications'. The University of Nottingham.UK. (2013) Advanced Teachers Training Program. Arizona State University/ USA (2013) Assessment: Summative and Formative. Oregon State University/ USA (2010) Individual Learning Style And Strategies In EFL Classroom. Oregon University,USA. (2011) Teacher Training Programme as part of the DelPHE Iraq project "Developing a core syllabus for English degree programmes at the University of Kufa". University of Surrey, UK. (2009) Shaping the Way We Teach English. Oregon University, USA. (2012) TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.